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Big Book Boss (Such A Boss #1) by Jessika Klide – Free eBooks Download


In this Hot Billionaire RomCom, a drunken bar hook-up comes back to bite when Samaera answers a horrific job ad written to attract a male personal assistant, and ‘Sam’ is hired sight unseen to the Big Book Boss of Precious Kitty (Females, not felines!) Publishing House.

Meeting him was a total fluke.
Doing him was a BIG mistake.
Or was it?
He was a beefcake at the bar watching the Yankees game with a bro.
Needing liquor courage for the karaoke contest, Samaera inserted herself.
Tipsy from the drinks and drunk on the win, Dixie Doodle does something stupid.
But … #BestSexEver.

Ten days later, she answers a horrifically worded ad.
Clearly intended to attract a male Personal Assistant to a billionaire mogul.
No woman would want to work for a Boss (dick).
But desperate and fearless, ‘Sam’ applies.
Immediately, she is offered the position.
The catch, she has ten minutes to arrive.
Rushing by the outgoing personal assistant, she crashes into Boss Dick’s office.
On her knees, she hears, “You’re not a man. Get out!”
But Samaera is a fighter, not a quitter, and threatens a sexist lawsuit.
To which an all too familiar voice from the bar answers:
“Then grab a condom for your heart, honey. I’m going to f—k your feelings.”
Then Bastian realizes who was hired, and he proceeds to rewrite her job duties.
Her feelings are not the only thing he intends to f–k.
Her mantra becomes, “Do a good job. Don’t do him—again.”
But his demand that she be with him 24/7 could prove to be too much.
If only his body wasn’t chiseled and his lips weren’t sculpted.
And she didn’t know how BIG Book Boss is!

Join Samaera and Sebastian for a hot whirlwind billionaire romantic comedy full of steamy scenes in this opposites-attract, grumpy-sunshine new release by #4 Amazon Chart Author Jessika Klide.

* * *

Jessika Klide’s books are recommended for fans of authors such as Meghan Quinn, Pippa Grant, Penelope Bloom, Lucy Score, Lauren Landish, Helena Hunting, Max Monroe, Liz Tomforde, Melanie Harlow, Nicole Snow, Ali Hazelwood, and Amy Daws.

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