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Big Bead Energy (Mardi Gras Menage) by Layne Daniels – Free eBooks Download


Brax ‘the ax’ Fuller has been my best friend since we were eight, and he was slugging bullies to protect my scrawny ass. He doesn’t care that I came from a family of lowlife criminals and outcasts. I sure don’t care that he’s on the spectrum and sees the world through a different lens.
He’s my brother in every way that matters. Him and me against the world. Specifically, the world of New Orleans Bareknuckle Brawl. The organization wants to ban Brax from fighting this season because they say he’s too untamed. Too dangerously brutal, even for this bloodthirsty crowd.
They want me, as his manager, to bring him to heel. Tame him enough that he’s less of a risk to his competitors. I don’t know if it’s possible. Brax is single-minded and vicious in the cage, but I gotta try.
The gorgeous waitress who catches his eye might be the answer to all our woes. Trouble is, she’s got my eye, too. When I find out she’s waitressing to avoid eviction while trying to finish college, I can’t resist the idea that maybe we can all help one another.
Women have never factored into Brax’s equation. And I mean never. But maybe, just maybe, a little sweetness in his life can soften his edges just enough to keep our livelihood and his fighting career safe.
Then we can make sure Ruby has everything she needs, too. Saving his fighting career saves my job as his manager. Loving Ruby could save us all.
Everything hinges on showing Brax how a man, or in our case, men, show a woman love. Bring on the Big Bead Energy, because this Mardi Gras season, I’m gonna need all the gris gris I can get.

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