Big Bad Shifters by Selina Coffey (ePUB)

big bad shifters, selina coffey

Big Bad Shifters by Selina Coffey, Summer Cooper – Free eBooks Download


Explore your wildest fantasies with these sizzling shifters.
A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Novels!

Filled with bears, wolves, dragons, psychics and more, this collection of steamy monogamous and menage paranormal romance stories will make you blush and have you begging for more.

Book 1 – Elokon (Bride Of The Dragons)
I’m yet to find a mate.
A true mate that I can share with my Omega, Siron.
When I saw Adelina, I knew she was the one and only.
But she’s a mere human.
Can she take the both of us? Can our clan accept her as their queen?

Book 2 – Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 1)
I hate rules, and I’m not afraid to break them.
I wanted Damesha from the first time we met.
I know what the clan is like when it comes to outsiders.
They simply won’t accept her.
But I won’t take no for an answer.
I’ll do whatever it takes to be with her.
Even if that means turning against all my brothers, my family, my clan.

Book 3 – Cane (Alexander Shifter Brothers 2)
I only care about one thing… carrying out my duties as leader.
For the first time, I’m losing control of my people.
First, they throw women at me that I don’t have time for.
Then rumors start that I don’t even like women.
So, I do what I do best.
I handle the situation.
I order myself a bride.

Book 4 – Jacob (Alexander Shifter Brothers 3)
I’ve always done what my brothers told me.
But war is coming.
A war that we can’t afford to lose.
Deep down, I know there’s only one way we can win this.
By working with the seductress, Sabrina the Vampire queen.
But my lust for her is beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.

Book 5 – Winslow & Hollis (Ivy’s Bears)
We both want her to ourselves.
Even though she’s an outsider, a human.
But she won’t choose.
We’re best friends, but there are some things we just don’t share.
But for Ivy, it just might be worth it.

Book 6 – Jack & Damien (Bearly Wolf)
We’ve led our pack well.
But factions are rising.
Without a mate to cement our position, all could be lost.
Then we find her – Imogen.
But she isn’t a bear shifter, she’s a half-breed with no abilities.
Is this forbidden love worth losing everything we’ve ever known?

Book 7 – Hale, Rhys, Knox, Zed (Bearly Friends)
They entered our world by mistake.
They thought they were just taking a trip to the mountains.
But somehow, three beautiful women ended up with us.
Did they expect to see bears?
But not like us!
And while they’re here, we’re going to have some fun.

Book 8 – Zare (Sold To The Werewolf)
It’s always been easy for me to get girls.
It’s just part of the fun of being a werewolf.
Good looks and strong, muscular bodies seem to be in our DNA.
But finding a true mate is another story!
I’ve been looking for what seems like forever and nothing.
And then I met Jane.
Getting this girl, it seems, is not so easy.
So I made her an offer she can’t refuse…

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