Bexley’s Biker by Misty Walker (ePUB)

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Bexley’s Biker (RBMC: Reno, NV #3) by Misty Walker – Free eBooks Download


Your secrets are safe with me.
It’s been my number one rule since I opened my law firm in Reno, NV.
No one knows the reason is because I have my own dark secrets to hide, and a past I wish I could forget.
Strategically, I only accept clients who have more to lose than I do.
Like the dangerous and deadly, Royal Bastards MC.
Not the best company to keep, but the most lucrative.
Over the years, I’ve learned to ignore their toxic masculine energy, and overt sexual advances.
Especially from their VP, Khan.
Just like the ancient ruler himself, he’s tall, muscular, and brutal.
He’s also the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
When he finds himself facing five years in prison, I’m the only one standing between him and a cold, dank cell.
The evidence against him is incriminating, but not damning.
Not for an exceptional lawyer like me.
That’s when I see a different side to him.
He’s sweet, in a rough around the edges sort of way.
And despite my better judgment, the oaf worms his way into my heart and my bed.
That’s when my past comes back at the worst moment with an ultimatum…
fulfill my commitment to the love of my life or keep myself alive?

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