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bewitching laramy, jd light

Bewitching Laramy (Terra Mortis #15.5) by J.D. Light – Free eBooks Download


It’s been nearly a year since Briec met Laramy and started her campaign to win the woman. At first, it had seemed like she just might convince the hard-edged, over-literal beauty to be hers… but almost overnight, things changed. Laramy stopped returning her texts and seemed to be avoiding her at all costs. It didn’t deter her. She had a goal and that goal was to be mated to the gargoyle. So, she changed tactics, showing up at during the classes Laramy taught at the training facility, each time working harder and harder to gain her attention… until Laramy told her if she wasn’t serious, then to leave her alone. So, apparently, Briec was going to have to act like a grown-up. Should be too hard, right?

A misunderstanding when angry words are spoken causes Briec to change everything about herself, leaving Laramy feeling responsible and sad. She never wanted Briec to change. She loved the crazy garnet witch just the way she was. Now she has to figure out how to convince Briec of that, while dealing with feelings she’s never had to deal with before… like jealousy.

Bewitching Laramy is a Terra Mortis short. It would help if you’ve read the Terra Mortis series for the sake of knowing the background characters, but not knowing them won’t take away from the romance.

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