Betraying Zeke by Roxanne Greening (ePUB)

betraying zeke, roxanne greening

Betraying Zeke (Bloody Saints MC #5) by Roxanne Greening – Free eBooks Download


Life. Swallowed me. Sucking me in and spiting me out. Life had a way of kicking you to the curb and sucker punching you in the guts.

I lived in the glass house the one that would shatter with one good throw. I dreamed of a freedom a life outside these walls. Growing up wasn’t easy being an adult was harder. I thought it was hard when Cat bullied, pushed, shoved, and sometimes kicked me. I thought it was hard when the boy I loved dated said bully. I thought it was hard to come home day after day to a nightmare. It had nothing on betraying the only person to see my worth. To see past the layers of glass and pry open my heart. He snuck in like a thief in the night and like one good punch to the gut I was lost in those striking green eyes.

I wasn’t going to fall victim to a woman not again to much work and not enough play. Rain was a con-durum one I planned to never figure out. I once lost my freedom because of her, something I would have done again and again. I didn’t regret it. I walked away to save us both. I thought I’d never see the last of her. But she was thrust back into my life like a well shot canon ball and refused to leave. Those beautiful whiskey eyes pleaded for me to save her again. Who the hell knew I was going to want to do just that?
Will all the wrong make it right?

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