Betrayed Mate by Layla Silver (ePUB)

betrayed mate, layla silver

Betrayed Mate (Silverdawn Wolves #1) by Layla Silver – Free eBooks Download


He’s my worst enemy. And my forbidden mate.
He rejected me and exiled my pack, leaving me with nothing.
Now my pack is forcing me to negotiate our return with him, because he’s the alpha.
They have no idea about the delicious, forbidden things that we used to do…
I didn’t ask to be confronted with him again.
Didn’t ask to have to stare into those piercing gray eyes again.
But I’m an outcast, the lowliest of my pack, so I have no choice.
I have to face him and plead with him even when I don’t want to.
What is it that I really want, though, deep down in the darkest depths of my heart?
Do I want to feel the torture of watching him from afar for the rest of my life?
Or do I finally want to be free and taste the sweetness of his lips again?
Finally loose myself in his irresistible scent…
And give myself to the alpha?

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