Best Friends Float by Camden Jess (ePUB)

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Best Friends Float (Neptune State University #2) by Camden Jess – Free eBooks Download


When I fall, he always catches me. But what happens when he falls for me?

My best friend is a giant made of hard muscles, soft smiles, and an easy-going popularity. Jance Stringfellow has protected me from bullies and my own clumsiness all these years. But now that we’re on Neptune State’s swim team, things are different.
He’s straight, but his friendly back rubs linger. His fingers tug on my curls. When I hug him, I feel his heart racing against my cheek. And when I accidentally walk in on him during the middle of the night…
I’ve always known how big Jance looks. Now I need to know how big he feels.
I hope the size of my heart is enough to handle this massive man. He promises to always catch me. But we’re in unfamiliar waters now. The fear of losing one another is dragging us both under.

So how do we let go long enough to float?

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