Beloved of the Vampire by L. J. Red (ePUB)

beloved vampire, lj red

Beloved of the Vampire (Warrior Vampires #1) by L. J. Red – Free eBooks Download


A vampire warrior posing as his fated mate’s bodyguard.

Can he keep his mind on the mission, or will he break cover and take what’s his?
Ben knows pain. Turned into a vampire by a sadist, he spent the first years of his un-life being brutally tortured to the limits of his vampire healing. His maker told him he wasn’t worthy of love, and he believed her… until now.
A feisty FBI agent, Lily invades his space, clashes with his orders, and sparks a deep longing in his core that he’s powerless to subdue. His vampire hunger is rising, and he doesn’t know how long he can hold back.
Lily is terrified of messing up her first solo case, but her vampire bodyguard is all hard muscles, chiseled jaw and intense, dark eyes that see everything. Whenever he’s around, she’s so distracted she can’t keep her mind on the mission.
Danger lurks on every side. Their enemies are watching and if they give in to the irresistible desire raging between them, they risk breaking cover and bringing the fury of HUNT down on both their heads…

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