Believing in You by A.M. Arthur (ePUB)

believing in you, am arthur

Believing in You (Neighborhood Shindig #4) by A.M. Arthur – Free eBooks Download


Jack Riley has spent the last few years of his life focused on two things: managing his small bookstore at Neighborhood Shindig and making sure his three younger half-siblings are properly looked after. Dating isn’t even on his radar. And then a stranger with piercing blue eyes asks for a book on home repair. And another and another. But Jack can’t seem to get a conversation out of the haunted young man—not until a business opportunity presents itself.

Declan James moves through the world without really living in it, doing odd jobs and surviving one day to the next because he owes his best friend for saving his life. When Declan’s estranged father dies and leaves him a house full of antiques, Jack agrees to help pare down and sell a massive book collection. The more time they spend together, the more Declan comes to rely on Jack’s kindness and friendship, until a true bond forms between the men.

But after a lifetime of emotional abuse, Declan’s trust is difficult to earn, and the ghosts of his past might be more than the pair’s fledgling relationship can overcome.

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