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Bekim (Garo Syndicate Trilogy #2) by K.L. Ramsey – Free eBooks Download


She was his assignment. His brother owed the Tirana Syndicate a favor and Edon never let a debt go unpaid. So, he sent Bekim to take care of their debt, telling him not to screw things up. But every time Amra looked at him, he wanted to help her. That would be impossible though because she had a new owner in America, and his only job was to deliver her from Albania to him. Making her his wasn’t part of the plan. Hell, taking her would probably end up getting them both killed, but he couldn’t seem to help himself around her. She stripped him of his resolve, filling him with the desire to do what was right. Helping Amra was the right thing to do, even if it might just cost him his life.
She wasn’t sure why any of this was happening to her but waking up in a cage and being told that she had a new owner in America, wasn’t how she planned to spend the rest of her life. Amra was sure that Bekim Garo was the man she could count on to help her. He had the kindest eyes that she ever saw but soon learned that kind eyes didn’t mean that he’d have a kind heart. When Bekim denied her pleas for help, Amra realized that her only way out of this mess was to save herself. The only question was, would she be able to find the strength to escape the fresh hell her life had become or was she doomed to be some American’s love slave for the rest of her life?

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