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behold her, emily antoinette

Behold Her (Monsters of Moonvale #1) by Emily Antoinette – Free eBooks Download


A woman who dreams of more…
I’m having a hard time. And no, that’s sadly not an innuendo. Depression is slipping back into my life like a toxic ex, and I know I need to do something before it consumes me. So when I run into the man of my dreams on my first attempt to get out of the house, it feels like fate.
But he turns out to be a nightmare, following me home and lurking outside my apartment. To make matters worse, after that terrifying encounter, I can’t stop dreaming about him. Night after night, he visits me in increasingly depraved dreams. They should be nightmares. So then why do I go to sleep each night desperate for more?

A monster fighting his desires…
Moving to Moonvale was a fresh start. A chance to leave behind the drama and heartbreak my demonic heritage has brought me. But thanks to awful timing, I’ve already screwed things up. The beautiful, intriguing woman who felt like the key to living again thinks I’m stalking her.
All I can do is stay away and try not to terrify her more. Easier said than done, when dreams of her consume me. They call out to the literal inner demons that I’ve tried so hard to shut away. But how can I let the monster inside me out without becoming monstrous?

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