Behind the 8-Ball by A. E. Wasp (ePUB)

behind b-ball, ae wasp

Behind the 8-Ball (Subparheroes) by A. E. Wasp – Free eBooks Download


In this city, a PI like me deals with more than just cheating spouses and runaway heirs.

My name’s Dashiell Bucur, and I’ve got a knack for cases with a supernatural twist. My trusty sidekicks? An immortal twink with a story for every occasion and a plastic Magic 8 Ball that’s never wrong – even when I wish it was.
The game changes when Harlan Dean, the one who got away, saunters back into my life with trouble snapping at his heels. Someone’s trying to kill him, and he’s clueless about the prediction my 8 Ball made years ago: Harlan and I, we’re fated to tie the knot.
Now, we’re racing against the clock through the streets of San Francisco, dodging new threats and old resentments. I’ve got to solve the case, keep us alive, and maybe, just maybe, convince Harlan that destiny’s got a sense of humor.

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