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Bed of Roses (Stupid Cupid) by Willow Sanders – Free eBooks Download


Virginville, PA didn’t exactly scream hip and trendy. Having a hotel a stone’s throw from Amish country and in a town named after girl’s maidenhood certainly wasn’t a marketing slam dunk. That was exactly why Penn Ellis needed some good publicity. What he wasn’t expecting when he hired that New York DJ was the one who arrived held memories of sandcastles and fireflies, lacrosse games, and clam bakes. Raven might be the co-host of the Bear and Raven show, but she was also the girl who promised him forever, then left him with a broken heart.
Raven balked when assigned a weekend stay in Virginville, Pennsylvania. Butter churning and buggies aside the last man she expected in some random middle-of-nowhere town, was Penn Ellis. He was the boy she rode bikes with down Harmony Street and rode with in his convertible to Pea Patch Island. A long time ago he promised her forever, and then he broke her heart.
Twenty years ago, they both thought their love was gone forever. Now they just needed to survive the weekend.

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