Becoming Little Lexie by Sue Lyndon (ePUB)

becoming little lexie, sue lyndon

Becoming Little Lexie by Sue Lyndon – Free eBooks Download


Daddy knows just what his little girl needs…

As Alexa’s husband helps her recover from a car accident, she begins to crave his nurturing side more and more. William’s firm but loving bedside manner makes her all warm and tingly inside, and she discovers she enjoys feeling like a little girl being taken care of by her daddy. But how can she tell him? What if he thinks age play is too weird?
William is stunned when his wife finally confesses what’s been bothering her, but he’s eager to step into the role of her daddy. More than eager, in fact. Soon he’s giving her long, thorough bubble baths, reading her bedtime stories, dressing her in cute girlish dresses and drop seat pajamas, and even giving her firm spankings on her bare bottom when she’s been naughty.
Alexa enjoys her special weekends with Daddy, and she tries her best to be a good girl and follow his rules. But being good isn’t always easy, and she discovers time and time again there’s a reason Daddy keeps her in short dresses and drop seat jammies – he wants easy access to her naughty bottom at all times.

Publisher’s Note: This is a re-release of a book by the same title.

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