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A boy with a van. A girl with a to-do list.

How to be Eileen Corren:
Step 1: Stick to your plan on how to live the perfect life.
That’s mostly everything you need, but there’s a new, very important rule now that Will Keely is back in town.
Step 2: Avoid Will Keely like the plague.
Usually, Eileen wouldn’t have a problem sticking to those rules. She’s done it her entire life. But when Will Keely is back on her block with his abs and van named Matilda, it’s harder to stick to the script.

Will lives in his van, traveling wherever, whenever. He’s always been a free spirit who lives his life the way he wants.
Eileen lives with her mother. She’s never been more than a couple of hours away from her hometown, and she’s best friends with the formula she’s been told to follow since day one.
One big part of that formula: don’t get involved with boys who live in their van.
Eileen tries to stick to the plan, but Will is persistent. Almost as relentless as he is when he tells Eileen that she should do things that make her happy and not give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

As the summer goes on, Eileen finds herself spending more time with Will, going by ‘Ella,’ and driving around with the same hooligan she’s supposed to be adamantly opposed to.
But maybe, Will’s way of going about life isn’t wrong.
And maybe, just maybe, it’s even better.

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