Because You Loved Me by Delaney Cameron (ePUB)

because you loved me, delaney cameron

Because You Loved Me (The Billionaires of Sawgrass #1) by Delaney Cameron – Free eBooks Download


A secret engagement, a matchmaking father, and the twist of fate no one saw coming.

Bridget Monahan can’t deny she’s led a somewhat charmed life. As the eldest daughter of a successful businessman, she’s never wanted for anything. After graduating from a prestigious college in New York, she didn’t have to draft résumés or suffer through stressful job interviews. Instead she went to work for her father creating updated interiors for his hotel flipping company.

The only gray cloud in Bridget’s personal sky is her father’s ridiculous idea that his ex-Navy pilot protégé and his daughter constitute a match made in heaven. His less-than-tactful (and downright embarrassing) attempts to force her and Graham together have made it necessary to keep her engagement to the man she does love a secret. But it’s only a temporary thing. She has no doubt about her ability to bring her father around to her way of thinking.

The best laid plans, right? When destiny shuffles the cards and deals out a new hand, Bridget finds herself questioning both her heart and her loyalties.

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