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beauty in beast, james crow

Beauty in the Beast by James Crow – Free eBooks Download


GABE… ‘Beast Boy’, freakshow oddity, a cruel abomination of nature.
Circus life is all Gabe has ever known – from ugly babe, to ugly boy. And now, to ugly man.
No longer the ‘boy’ growling at the paying public, Gabe’s rage reaches new testosterone fueled heights. When children screamed, women fainted, and one member of the crowd was seriously hurt as the climax of Gabe’s performance exploded into exactly that – a climax – there were calls for the circus to be shut down.
Despite the protestors, Gabe’s master sees an opportunity to take his act to a whole new ‘adult’ level. But first, the unruly creature that Gabe has become needs teaching in the manners of the flesh.

ANNABELLE… ‘Mistress Anna’ a beauty to behold, yet a true freak of nature herself.
Mistress Anna tops the bill at a rival show, her act so uniquely erotic, never failing to bring a full house.
When Anna’s master makes a deal with Gabe’s master, she is given no choice but to work with the Beast. Can ‘Belle’ be the one to nurture his needs into something truly beguiling?
Will she find Beauty in the Beast?

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