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Beauty and the Bastard by Annette Fields – Free eBooks Download


I’m a royal son of a b*tch. Meaning my mother’s a queen and she’s a b*tch. But that’s as royal as I get. I’m a bastard, born illegitimate from a scandalous affair. My life has been anything but rich and easy. Dear old Mum pretends I don’t exist until it’s convenient for her. She wants to parade me around like a puppet at this charity ball. Who’s controlling my strings? Stella.
Stella. I can’t get her gorgeous lips and killer legs out of my head since the moment I saw her. But she’s secretive. She acts like royalty but claims she’s not. She’s got walls up and I intend to break them down until she’s putty in my hands and begging for more.

The one chance to redeem my family’s honor comes in the form of teaching the queen’s bastard son how to act like royalty. Easy enough. Or so I thought. Gavin has one hell of an attitude and enjoys making my job difficult. I don’t care. I press on because my family needs me. Anyway, his obnoxiousness isn’t what bothers me. What kills me is that panty-melting, cocky smirk. How he makes me shiver with just one look from those dark eyes. No man has ever affected me like this before and it’s getting harder to resist.

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