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Beautifully Valentined (Candied Crush #22) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


Marco has spent his entire life hungry for something he can’t name. Valentine knows exactly what he needs: to be brought to his knees.

A few years back, Marco ruined his relationship with his twin, Enzo. At one time, they stayed glued at the hip. Now Marco is determined to reclaim that connection, except he doesn’t even know who he is anymore and that’s getting in the way of restarting his life. There’s also this cocky boxer who thinks he knows everything. He won’t give Marco the space he needs to think. Now Marco doesn’t know if he’s in L.A. for Enzo or this ridiculous guy who won’t get out of the way.
Valentine freely admits he’s a bit much. He doesn’t let that bother him. Having money, looks, and fame goes to a person’s head. It’s all part of the image. Marco is just another game. It’s called getting Valentined. Plenty of men and women have been there. Marco is the first one Valentine can’t shake. It’s a conundrum. He’s sure it’ll pass.

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