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Beautiful Disaster by Natasha Wessex – Free eBooks Download


She’s a hot mess…
A beautiful disaster…

And she keeps telling me she doesn’t need saving.
But that won’t stop me from trying…

Born of a wealthy political dynasty, handsome and straight-laced Alex Sinclair’s star shines bright with high expectations for his future in public office. But all is not well with the Sinclairs, and when Alex discovers a dirty little secret that threatens his family at the highest levels of governement he has to choose between doing what’s right and protecting the ones he loves.

Roslyn Sanborn’s life has been in a tailspin since her father died. Numbing her grief with sex, drugs, and parties seems to be the only escape – especially since her mother skipped being a widow and moved on to being a bride instantly. Summoned to the prestigious Sinclair family compound to meet her new in-laws, Roslyn is instructed to be on her best behaviour. But Roslyn’s never been good about following orders and when her path crosses with Alex, her new “cousin,” the sparks fly.

Roslyn is everything Alex needs to stay away from – so why is he so drawn to her? Maddening, infuriating, and irresponsible, she threatens everything he’s ever worked for and represents everything he stands to lose.

Stuck-up, humorless, and self-important, Alex Sinclair is the last person Roslyn would ever want to turn to for help. But when she finds herself out of options and in desperate circumstances, Roslyn knows only one person who can help.

Saving Roslyn from herself might just cost Alex his career and his future. But does his future mean anything if Roslyn isn’t in it?

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