Beautiful Butterfly by Lynn Hagen (ePUB)

beautiful butterfly, lynn hagen

Beautiful Butterfly (Midnight Falls #17) by Lynn Hagen – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when your parents kept such a tight hold on you that they did more damage than good? That was the crux of Alister’s problem. He’s like a bull who runs at any red flag and his last boyfriend was the biggest red flag of all. At the last minute he discovers that Sloane plans to auction him off. Alister and his bestie flee to Midnight Falls, only for Alister to find out that Sloane has already sold him.
When Deputy Wyatt Birch first met Alister, he didn’t want anything to do with the hot mess. That was before he discovers that the little red panda shifter is his mate. Alister is an energetic ball of sass, extraordinarily stunning, and is in danger. Wyatt nearly loses his life in order to keep his mate safe, but is that enough to keep his beautiful butterfly out of the clutches of the man who now thinks he owns Alister?

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