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beautiful animal, k sterling

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What if sex wasn’t precious? What if sex wasn’t just for the healthy, the wealthy and the beautiful? What would love be like if we stripped away the lies we tell each other and ourselves about sex? What would sex be like if we stripped away the burden of romantic love and celebrated all the ways sex makes us human?
Nothing stops time like a camera. Darby Randolph has a knack for hearing the off-note or catching a scent on the breeze and being in the right spot at the right time. He can catch lie or a moment of truth and suspend it because he understands the secrets humans hide and how to find them with his camera.
Like the subjects of his photographs, Darby is suspended and caught in a lie when a wrong number brings an entirely different animal to his doorstep. There’s never been a man like Carys Channing and Darby jumps at an invitation to tag along and witness love and sex through the eyes of a very high-end escort.
And what about the ways we feed or deprive ourselves with sex? Each of Channing’s clients is a different animal and has his own love story. Each client is a snapshot and glimpse into all the different ways a heart can love when we don’t lie to ourselves and each other about sex. Every photograph and every touch draws Darby closer to the truth and he becomes seduced by the elegant and enigmatic escort and his menagerie of clients.

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