Bear Ob-Gyn by Sansa Moon (ePUB)

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Bear Ob-Gyn (Shifter Medical Center #3) by Sansa Moon – Free eBooks Download


I’ve had a crush on him for years, but he’s my brother’s best friend … and my ob-gyn.
He says we can’t date because he is my doctor—and because we’re totally incompatible.
He, the steady, protective bear raising his daughter on his own. Me, the flaky panther.
But when I go in for a check-up, his hands linger … our lips meet … and we go too far.
I tried to fight my attraction for him, but this single daddy is just irresistible.
If only I stopped doing and saying the wrong thing when he’s there.
Despite my best attempts to embarrass myself, the spark we share is undeniable.
But circumstances are against us … and I’m worried he won’t give us a chance.
We both knew it was a bad idea for me to become his patient, let alone kiss in his clinic.
We really should stop looking at each other like that and just be friends.
We shake on it … our eyes fixated … our touch dragging out …
All the while feeling the flames burning us up inside…
How much longer can we resist the undeniable pull of mates?

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