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She was just the disaster he needed.
When Matthew agreed to save his father’s company, he only had one objective: to protect it from his duplicitous cousin so he could move on with his life. However, his father had other plans. Namely, marrying him off to the most terrifyingly determined woman he knew. It would take a force of nature to stop Adalynn Windsor from getting what she wanted. Luckily, he ran into one, literally. Whether Ren Arden was more of a nightmare, a chaotic calamity, or a Goddess of Revenge, time would tell, but he was certain she would shake up things up at Cheeky Bird Toys. If only his heart wasn’t so easily shaken too.

He was the flirt she couldn’t take seriously.
Ren knew she’d been an idiot to claim the new guy was her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t grasp the full scope of her fiasco until nerdy Matthew transformed into a sleek, domineering CEO. To make things worse, he used their fake relationship as a weapon in his war against the Vice President—who was both his cousin AND the man she was in love with. They both had their reasons for continuing with the scam, but Matthew was way too committed to his role as the ex who desperately wanted her back. If she wasn’t careful, she’d make the worst mistake of all—forgetting his love was nothing but a very convincing act.
Buckle up for this wild-ride of a RomCom. You’ll swoon, you’ll giggle, and if you aren’t careful, you might get jolted by all the electricity flying between the pages.
Be My Ex was previously published on Kindle Vella (Be My Ex, episodes 1-43).

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