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barren's assistant, haley weir

Barren’s Assistant (Professor Dragon #1) by Haley Weir – Free eBooks Download


Imani West returns to Hearthfire University after being selected to be Professor Barren’s research assistant. The semester has only just begun, and her life is already hurled into chaos.
Imani tries to resist the attraction she feels for her mentor, but he constantly sends her mixed signals, all while keeping her at arm’s length.
Imani isn’t sure whether he wants to pull her closer or push her away.
Salvatore Barren is the professor of romantic studies, a Draken shifter hiding beneath the guise of a cultured man.
He feels the surge of instinct that comes with the mating cycle.
It happens only twice in a lifetime.
The first time it came upon him, he and his associates had been trapped in their portraits. Now, the cycle possesses him with a newfound vigor as his mortal mate is finally the perfect age to bear his offspring and secure the continuation of his kind.

Will the dangers and scandals surrounding their bond ruin what could possibly be the start of something wonderful? Or will his bloodline prevail through the ages as it was written?

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