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Bargain with the Bachelor (Eastport Bay Billionaires #2) by Tru Taylor – Free eBooks Download


She’s desperate for a temporary place to live. My mansion has plenty of room. So I offer my lifelong secret crush a bargain she can’t afford to refuse.

So I’ve just been kicked out of my family home… by my wicked step-mother. I know, I know, sounds like something out of a fairy tale.
More like a horror movie.
But even I have no sympathy for the poor-little-rich-girl sob story, and I refuse to take charity, so I’ve traded my camera for a waitress’s order pad and put my dream of becoming a world-renowned photographer on hold.
The problem is I can’t keep couch-surfing at my best friend’s tiny house. I need a new place to live—the sooner and cheaper the better.

Thanks to a knack for coding and a whole lot of hard work, I’ve gotten almost everything I ever wanted growing up poor among the rich kids of Eastport Bay, Rhode Island.
I’ve made my first billion, working with my six best friends is a blast, and women are throwing themselves at me everywhere I go.
Actually, that last thing wasn’t on my list.
There’s only one woman I’ve really ever wanted, and she’s still out of my league. All my money means nothing to her.
But then we end up accidentally spending seven minutes in heaven—in this case a dark room at a high society party—together, and I start to think she might not be so indifferent to me after all.
So I offer her a bargain she can’t afford to refuse. She’s desperate for a temporary place to live—my mansion has plenty of room.
And there’s no way I’m leaving Snow White out in the cold this winter.
Not when there’s even the smallest chance my lifelong unrequited crush might finally wake up and see I’m the prince she’s been waiting for.

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