Barbaric Alien by Stella Sky (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Barbaric Alien (Vithohn Warriors #3) by Stella Sky – Free eBooks Download


If she was telling him the truth, everything in his world would have been a lie… Reina Lennox had never known life without the Vithohn ruling over the earth. While other factions of humans in hiding sought revenge on the alien race, Reina’s crowd chose to settle in peace in a remote mountain town in the Northlands. She grew up in peace, hidden from the alien race, until a handsome stranger entered her village with stories of the Vithohn approaching.

In a desperate attempt to get back in the good graces of the Vithohn King, disgraced warrior Oron sets out to find his leader a human female to be his bride. But when the muscular, tattooed warrior meets the curvaceous Reina at the base of a hidden mountain town, he realizes the king’s prize might actually be his own chosen one. When he is welcomed back into the Vithohn fold, Oron isn’t sure he can keep his promise to keep his hands off the beautiful Reina.

Oron is convinced he had found his true chosen one, but can he convince Reina he’s worthy of her trust? Angry, but immensely attracted to her captor, will Reina give up her secret human base and stay with her alien captor, or will she find a way to escape from the gothic Vithohn city?

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