Baratta’s Darkness by Marissa Ann (ePUB)

baratta's darkness, marissa ann

Baratta’s Darkness (Poison Pen #1) by Marissa Ann, Rae Goldman – Free eBooks Download


Baratta: mysterious, unfathomable, and resolute.

They’ve said I’m missing that little something that everyone else has. Empathy. But I guess your mom dying when you’re young, being raised by the Mob afterwards then recruited into a top secret squad within the military to train as a killer may do that to you. My Aunt and Uncle are the only ones I need. Until her…

Fiona: talented, bold, and renowned.

My brother has always been my lifeline. Raising me since we were kids because our parents suck, he’s always been the one I run to when my life goes haywire. His club helped me realize my dream and have always been there for me. They are all I’ve ever needed. Until him….

After a brief hookup two years ago, she didn’t think she’d ever see him again. But there he was looking just as good as she remembered. A highly sought after tattoo artist, Fiona’s circle now includes many of the rich and famous. Poison Pen, her new shop, has just opened but that’s when the trouble starts.

Baratta has no room or time in his life for love. But something about her calls to his very soul. When trouble starts, will he be able to open up and save the woman that has captured a heart he thinks no longer exists?

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