Bane of Hades by Rae Hendricks (ePUB)

bane of hades, rae hendricks

Bane of Hades (Guardian Academy #1) by Rae Hendricks – Free eBooks Download


Do four paranormal heartthrobs favored by the gods really need to follow me around?

I know, I know, I’m the freak – the daughter of Hades. And he is hated and dangerous; locked up in his own realm for his crimes.
Yet, here I am, just finding out all my weirdness, my illnesses, my whole life, have been because I’m the daughter of one of the most powerful gods out there. And I’ve been flown away to attend Guardian Academy.
This is where the best of the best in the supernatural world go to train to protect the humans whom the gods like Zeus no longer have time or care for.
But being chosen doesn’t stop me from being vilified.
That’s okay, I’m used to being the outcast. I’ve still found my place, and I won’t let my gas-lighting mother, demi-goddess cliques, or four dark, sexy, brooding guardians stop me from graduating at the top.

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