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bane, jeneveir evans

Bane (Angel’s Rebellion MC #7) by Jeneveir Evans – Free eBooks Download


My name is Chad Paxton James. I go by Bane for reasons only I know. My best friend, cousin and Brother, Eagle, and I had dreamed of being members of Angel’s Rebellion MC from the time we could say the word motorcycle. We achieved that dream eight years ago at the age of nineteen. Everything was perfect in my world. Eagle and I lived our lives free and easy.
We could ride when we wanted, lived in and ate at the Clubhouse for free and had club girls whenever we felt the urge for a woman. We worked hard in one of the club’s businesses and made good money. There was nothing like being able to live my life the way I wanted and that included being able to have Eagle along for the ride.

Like I said, everything was perfect, that is until a red-headed slip of a girl walked into the bar we frequented, The Watering Hole, and turned our world upside down.

The night she walked into the bar was the night that started months of hell for not only me, but for Eagle, for my Brothers in the MC, and for the girl, Kenzie. Even though I fought with myself, I set about a path of destruction that almost destroyed more than one person. My best friend who had unknowingly saved me over the course of my life and a woman I came to love.

All of this came about because I had a secret that no one knew, not even Eagle. It was something I battled with almost daily, something that tried to take my life from me, my demon.

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