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Ballers Collection by Mickey Miller – Free eBooks Download


Three Brothers. Three Stories. One unbelievable secret that ties them together. 325,000+ words of steamy sports romance that will keep you up reading all night long.

Meet three brothers. Handsome. Superstars.
There’s Jake, the bad boy with the heart of gold. Chandler the playboy. And Carter, the player you love to hate.
All of them have one big secret that ties them all together.
They would never have found out if it weren’t for the women they fall in love with:
Andrea, the small town girl. Amy, the intellectual sweetheart. And Lacy, the free spirit.

Available now for the first time as a compilation in the proper reading order! Ballers is a 325,000+ word compilation of three steamy sports romances:

Playing Dirty
When Andrea arrives to the big city, her first project is to clean up baseball superstar Jake Napleton’s image. Is there more to Jake Napleton than meets the eye?

The Casanova Experience
When Amy’s fiance breaks up with her at the last second, she goes on her honeymoon alone. Until she runs into the biggest playboy she’s ever known–and the one who she turned down in college. Turns out now-star basketball player Chandler never stopped having a thing for Amy.

The Lying Games
Because of a rooming problem, Lacy is forced to move in with her ex high school crush turned millionaire athlete, Carter Flynn. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Except that Carter hates Lacy’s guts for a lie she told him years ago that broke his heart. But turns out old feelings don’t die so easy. Lacy’s about to find out the most dangerous lies are the lies she tells herself, like, I don’t have feelings for Carter anymore.
And when the secret finally comes out? Their worlds are going to come crashing down. Will love save them?

Ballers: A Sports Romance Compilation includes 325,000+ words of steamy, sports romance goodness with three guaranteed happy endings.

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