Bad to Worse by Plum Pascal (ePUB)

bad to worse, plum pascal

Bad to Worse (The F My Life #2) by Plum Pascal, H.P. Mallory – Free eBooks Download


I’m finally a transfer student at the Academy of Enchantment…
Except I’m miserable.

I miss everyone in Dread—Harlow, Jean-Claude, Riven and Griim.
Now I find myself in the most beautiful place, surrounded by sunshine and nature.
Yet, every person I meet, with the exception of one, is cruel and rude.

Not only that, but my magic is acting up—I’m creating things I shouldn’t be able to create—twisted abominations. It’s almost like there’s… a stain on my magic.
All I can think about is returning to Dread, returning to the men in my life, but there’s another part of me that insists I have responsibilities here, responsibilities I can’t ignore.
But, when I get arrested for having possession of my golem, Riddle, everything I know will be turned on its head…

Please Note: This is a paranormal reverse harem academy series meant for readers 18 and over. This is also a SLOW burn reverse harem romance.

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