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bad like me, chelle c craze

Bad Like Me (Royal Bastards MC Cleveland, Ohio) by Chelle C. Craze, Eli Abbott – Free eBooks Download


The majority of people thought all bikers, especially one-percenters like us, handled things the same. Those people would be irrevocably wrong. Our now rival MC, The Dogs of Chaos, was proof. Their club’s greed outweighed the amount of honor they had for our deal. We were quick to remind them what a colossal mistake they made. I was the Vice President of the Cleveland, Ohio Chapter of the Royal Bastards MC. My cut was sacred, and I wore our colors with pride.

I thought of my past daily, but that didn’t mean I still loved her. The remnants of guilt I felt in my gut every day didn’t prove that I should have followed her. They were reminders of my life, a part of the history of how I became who I am: a stubborn SOB with a foul mouth and a heap of felonies. Stealing guns, arson, breaking and entering, these were all petty things to me.
My only weakness was admitting my true feelings for her, and I refused to…until I was forced.
When Ray abruptly walked into my life again, or rather, I barged into hers, I quickly vowed this time would be different. The thing was, a person couldn’t make promises without considering the rest of their life, particularly someone with as many enemies as I had. I stupidly got caught up in the moment and forgot who I was and what that meant for her. I never meant for any of it to happen; I didn’t want this for her.

The Dogs would retaliate for our transgressions; this much I was certain of. Having knowledge didn’t make a difference in the end, because what they took from me could never be replaced. I was Logan “Crow” Williams, and just like a crow, I would hunt them down and reap my revenge in blood.

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