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bad influence, erin nicholas

Bad Influence (Bad Boys of the Bayou #3) by Erin Nicholas – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when your hero turns out to be the guy who hates your guts?
Sabrina Cassidy is turning her life around. Sure, it’s about six weeks too late. Sure, she should have said no to those umbrella drinks on the beach. And to the hot guy who flirted her skirt right off. Okay, she probably should have said no to the whole girls weekend in the first place. But now she is definitely getting her act together.

Right after she figures out what to do about her broken down car that’s stranded her six hours from home with no money, a ruined credit history…and morning sickness. Out of options, she swallows her legendary independent streak and calls the only person who won’t hang up on her. Luke. The best friend that she’s never really deserved.

Oh hell no. There is no way Marc Sterling is going to let his brother get all twisted up by Sabrina again the way he was all through high school. That means letting her think she’s talking to Luke when she calls and then using his six-hour drive to “rescue her” to figure out a plan to send her sweet ass in the opposite direction ASAP.

But when they’re stuck overnight in a motel room together, there’s something in the air besides their customary insults. Sure, her rebellious attitude, smart mouth, and purple panties still drive him crazy, but now it’s a different kind of crazy. The kind that has him driving her home instead of to the nearest airport. And when Luke steps up to be her hero, as always, Marc realizes he’s completely forgotten whose heart he wanted to protect in the first place.

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