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bad braak, zora jorel

Bad Braak by Rae Reigns, Zora Jorel – Free eBooks Download


I took a pound of flesh from the alien mafia boss. Now he’ll take two pounds out of mine. And he’ll make sure I love every minute of it.

I’m innocent. Pure. A nobody human. I arrived at the dark, carnal palace of the alien mafia boss to deliver a package, not to be an unwitting participant of an assassination attempt on his life. Now it’s my life that belongs to him. I’m in Braak’s service, whether I want to be or not. I’m his prize wager, and my freedom is what’s being gambled every day. I might be a fighter, but there’s only so much I can resist. He’ll break my will if he gets a chance. It’ll break my heart if I don’t let him.
I don’t want to be owned, but when I’m near him I need to be consumed.

What I want, I own. What I own, I break any way I see fit. And this human female needs to be broken. She’s begging to be, even when she’s fighting me at every turn. She’s so thick, so pure, yet so feisty.
She almost ended my life.
I’m a shark in a designer suit, and Kea’s like blood in the water every time she’s near. She might not want to be owned, but there’s no way I can willingly set her free.
Someone’s trying to kill me. Kill us. I won’t let that happen.
I might be a dangerous crime lord to my enemies, but it’s nothing compared to what I’ll be to her.

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