Bad Boys Don’t Fall for Shy Girls by Emma Dalton (ePUB)

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Bad Boys Don’t Fall for Shy Girls (Invisible Girls Club #3) by Emma Dalton – Free eBooks Download


Every shy girl deserves to be heard.

I’m the Shy Girl and I’m obsessed with romance. I dream of having a love story of my own, but guys at school don’t know I exist. Except for the bad boy who just came back from juvie.
Zack Hastings gives off stay-away-from-me-vibes. It’s a little hard to do that when I’m stuck being his lab partner. To distract myself, I daydream about my crush, one of the most popular guys at school.
With encouragement from my friends, I tell my crush how I feel. But when he and his buddies ridicule me, criminal Zack steps in to help.
Then I find out he’s going to live with me. What?
But I soon learn I misjudged him. He’s not the criminal I thought he was. He’s actually really sweet. The kind of guy I’ve always dreamed about. But Zack would never choose an insecure, shy girl like me.
Or would he?

Bad Boys Don’t Fall For Shy Girls is the third book in the Invisible Girls Club, a sweet YA contemporary romance series. If you like invisible girls who snag the boys of their dreams, this book is for you!

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