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She’s my sister’s best friend…

The night we hooked up was definitely the best in my life. But you know sisters—they make things complicated.
So Maeve and I called it one and done, and for the sake of their friendship, we pretended it never happened
It’s pretty easy to develop a routine. We joke around, make fun of each other. And I never let on that I know what Maeve looks like without her clothes—or how often I think about it.
I’m starting to think we pulled it off when out-of-the-blue she sashays back into my jewelry store. The visit starts like normal. The banter. The teasing.
But then she invites me to a party. And what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t walk her home after?
Let’s be real—I’m no gentleman. And Maeve is no lady.
The kind of teasing we’re doing now is dangerous. This is fast becoming a frenemies-with-benefits situation. It’s complicated enough before my sister decides to set us up… with other people.
We can only keep our secret for so long.
I’m starting to think there might be a diamond in all this rough.
But Maeve never lets me have the last word…

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