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Backing Off With Love (Arcadian Intelligence #4) by Amber Ford – Free eBooks Download


Love is a foreign concept to me. I’ve watched every single one of my friends experience it and yet I don’t understand it. They would kill for their significant others and I never thought I would feel the same way until her. I would do anything to make her feel safe again, and I do it, even if it means walking away from her and telling her we are nothing more than friends.

My life has always been quite easy. I’m the only child of ambitious successful parents. I have their love and I have material comforts. I’ve never seen myself as someone strong or brave. In fact, I’m soft and I think I’m someone that could break with very little effort.
By some bad luck I was caught up in a yacht hijacking with my best friend Lizzy and then I was kidnapped for ransom – events in my life that I don’t know how to overcome. I pretend to be fine. I want to be fine. But I feel broken.
Until our weekend together. He’s strong and brave and he’s there to hold me up when I fall. He makes me feel safe and loved and he makes me wonder how I survived before I met him.
He thinks we are just pretending to be a couple, but I know it’s as real as it’s gonna get for me.

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