Back In The Saddle by Gia Bailey (ePUB)

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Back In The Saddle (In Praise of Older Women) by Gia Bailey – Free eBooks Download


She’s used to being the boss and calling the shots. He doesn’t mind that, in every room except one.
On Cold Creek Ranch, things run by my rules. The Blackstone brothers have been rearing horses on this land for generations. I know my job, my purpose, my peace, until Lucy Lexington shattered it in an instant.
She’s a big city woman, professional, intelligent as hell, and gorgeous. She challenges me like no one else would dare. She’s older than me, richer, more cultured, and I don’t give a damn.
I’m going to take care of her, make her a home, and a family.
The trouble is, she keeps talking about leaving…
That’s not happening, no siree, not on my watch.
Lucy is mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.
Lucy walked onto Cold Creek Ranch, and if this sexy young cowboy has his way… she’ll never leave, not without his ring on her finger. Let’s see who’s really the boss, when this feisty older woman meets the younger burly cowboy of her dreams. If you love steamily sweet romances where it’s never too late for your dreams of love and family to come true, then you’ll love Back in the Saddle!

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