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Baby Play the Game (Agents of HEAT #4) by Harper Cross – Free eBooks Download


In one reckless night, they crossed all the lines. Now what started as playing a game has turned into playing with fire, and everything could go up in flames.

As HEAT’s resident good girl, I’ve earned my place at the spy agency by excelling in my field and following all the rules. But while working with my best friend to take down our most dangerous enemies, my forbidden crush on him intensifies beyond my control. One hot night in his bed releases my inner bad girl. And now I want to throw away the rule book for good.
I’m playing a game I could lose, but I’m in too deep to save myself.

As HEAT’s resident bad boy, I’m known for doing whatever it takes to defeat an opponent, even when it means breaking the rules. While working on a case that pushes all my personal buttons, my feelings for my best friend turn into something deeper. One amazing night in her arms takes us to a point of no return. And now I want to destroy every boundary between us.
I’m playing a game that could ruin me, but I’d give up everything to keep her.


Don’t miss this next installment of the Agents of HEAT series, protector romances about smokin’ hot, off-the-books secret agents who work hard and play harder. Perfect series for readers who like Killing Eve, Alias, and Night Agent.

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