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Baby Plans (Love Plans #5) by Mona Risk – Free eBooks Download


Artificial insemination… the two words hit Zach like fireworks. This is an unfamiliar, new and useful topic, perfect for his article— the prize-worthy article he needs to write to secure a promotion that his girlfriend, Audrey, stole two years ago.
Audrey is pleased with her successful career, but now her life seems empty. She lost Zach, her dashing lover and resentful colleague, and craves a baby, someone to love unconditionally. Artificial insemination is the answer to her dream.
When Zach meets Audrey at the clinic, he suspects she’s snooping around, collecting information, and competing again on his project. For research purpose, Zack plays along as a donor. Convinced the charade would end soon, he gives sperm while Audrey meets with doctors. But she secretly visits the clinic the next morning for the real thing.
Sparks fly between the two lovers, and he moves in with her. Audrey helps Zach with his project, but doesn’t breathe a word about her baby plans. A ruptured condom complicates Zach’s life, yet he wouldn’t mind building a family life with the woman he loves.
When secrets leak out, Zach is outraged and turns his back on Audrey, but artificial insemination works in many ways, and…

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