Baby for My Billionaire Baller by Cassandra Russell (ePUB)

baby for baller, cassandra russell

Baby for My Billionaire Baller by Cassandra Russell – Free eBooks Download


Football star knocks up cheerleader. Cliché right?
Except he’s a billionaire, my older brother’s best friend, and I’m forbidden fruit.
Stone Clark is the hottest talent and bachelor in the NFL.
I had a huge crush on him growing up but he’s over a decade older than me…I was basically invisible.
Now I’m cheering on his team to get through vet school, and I never hook up. Plus, cheerleaders and players getting involved is forbidden.
But when the team gets stranded, he seduces me and ghosts me in the morning, the jerk!
It’s a mistake I’ll never repeat. But it happens again…and again. He knows how to make my toes curl and it awakens something primal in me.
He drives me insane. But my older brother would kill me if he knew, and it’s making it impossible for me to focus. He’s also a total player…
When I find out he’s slept with the biggest bully on the squad, I decide we’re done once and for all!
Until I see two little lines on a pregnancy test…

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