Baby For Dad’s Best Friend by Lena Little (ePUB)

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Baby For Dad’s Best Friend (Dad’s Best Friend #12) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


Why oh why did it have to be him?

When my dad’s police officer partner catches me trying to act older than my eighteen years, he promises not to haul me down to the station, or tell my dad…but one promise I can’t make in return is not getting turned on beyond belief when he teaches me a little over-the-knee discipline.
He’s says it’s for my own good, my own safety…but why does his heavy handed punishment feel so dangerously exciting against my skin?
He’s giving me a lesson in adult responsibility, and all I can think about is giving him something I’ve been saving just for him, unknowing that it’s going to lead to us both getting a surprise that neither one of us was expecting.
I’ve been hiding my secret fantasies for my dad’s best friend my entire life, but one secret I can’t hide is his baby.

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