Babies for the Mafia Boss by Bella King (ePUB)

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Babies for the Mafia Boss by Bella King – Free eBooks Download


He came into my life like a wildfire, burning down my walls and claiming me with unfiltered desire.
He knew how to set fire to my soul, and I let him.

I fell for him. Hard. And then I fell pregnant.
But before I could tell him I was having twins, he was locked behind bars.
When I found out the reason, I knew I could never speak to him again.

But I was wrong.
He’s out of prison and on a lethal mission.
…and I’m falling for him again.

Only this time, the stakes are much higher.
Billions of dollars are on the line, along with my life.

I should’ve never trusted him,
But it’s too late to turn back now.
I’m bound to him with a deadly secret.

He still doesn’t know about the twins, but I can’t hide them for long.
He’s starting to piece my half-truths together.
And before I can stop it, my story is tangled up quicker than our bedsheets.

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