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B Free (Rebel Cyborgs #4) by Cynthia Sax – Free eBooks Download


B is the last remaining B Model cyborg. All of his brethren, the beings he trained with, fought with, cared deeply for, have perished.
Or so he believes.
When he intercepts a communication mentioning the existence of one of his kind, he has to investigate the source. The message could be a trap set by his enemies. He’ll take that risk if it secures him the companionship he requires to be fully functional.
What he finds is a daring human female who activates all his systems. She proudly proclaims she’s a historian, brandishing that information like a weapon before her. He wants to kiss the sass off her beautiful face, protect her from the dangers around them, claim her forever.

Quinn is on a quest to locate the mechanics of an early version cyborg. She believes the information captured within that frame will give her valuable insights into the past.
When her mission goes zombie-like beings levels of wrong, she comes face-to-face with a living, breathing B Model. He has big hands, a primitive countenance, and stern hard lips crafted for kissing.
She doesn’t trust him. He might be working for her competitor. Historians can be a tricksy bunch. And she doesn’t have time to indulge her desires.
Their shared enemy wants their precious specimens back and they’re willing to kill to retrieve them. One minor mistake could reduce B and Quinn to a mere line in the databases of history.

B Free is a STANDALONE Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes-violent universe.
It features the sole surviving B Model cyborg warrior, a human historian seeking to uncover the past, and an unplanned visit to a settlement ruled by an extremely scary all-knowing, all-powerful modified humanoid named Kralj.

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