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AWOL Alien (Cosmic Kissed) by Kelsey Nicole Price – Free eBooks Download


When alien males started arriving, it brought hope to Earth. Alien mates are the hottest thing on the planet—but only if you can afford one and your tests guarantee alien hybrid babies are in your near future.
And guess what? I don’t meet either requirement.
Condemned to watch from the sidelines, I convinced myself that helping others get their happily ever after was good enough…until I saw him.
Straxx. Shy and massive, I’ve never seen another Draalian like him. And when he needs my help I don’t hesitate no matter the consequences.
Now I am back on my family farm, licking my wounds and trying to forget the only male who made me want to risk everything for just a chance.
When the universe puts him in my path for the second time, can I defy the odds and keep the one male who can give me my very own happily ever after?

When ships landed on Draal seeking males to relocate to a planet called Earth, I knew it was my one chance to find a female who won’t care that I am different.
On Draal I am considered nothing more than a reject, an unworthy male who has been unwanted since I took my first breath. Earth promises something different—a place where any male can be chosen. I arrive full of hope only to be passed over again and again because I can’t work up the courage to even speak to a female.
Cornered in the hallway by cruel males from my home world, I am saved by a female who gazes at me with kindness, curiosity…and something else I can’t define.
All I know is I want more. Charlie. Tiny and fierce— I vow to make her mine. But Earth has rules and Charlie informs me we will never be allowed to be mates.
When the universe takes her away from me, I refuse to let her go. I will find her. When I do, can I prove to her she is meant to be mine? And can I defy everything and everyone to keep her by my side forever?

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