Awakening the Dark Throne by Jessica Ann Disciacca (ePUB)

awakening dark throne, jessica ann disciacca

Awakening the Dark Throne by Jessica Ann Disciacca – Free eBooks Download


In a world ruled by immortal elves, Genevieve Autumn, a forbidden half-breed of human and elf, hides among humans to escape persecution. When her sister is seized by the dark elven court, Genevieve offers herself to the light elves in exchange for her sister’s freedom. Little does she know, this decision thrusts her into a treacherous world of political intrigue and cruelty.
As Genevieve struggles to conceal her identity within the light court, she discovers a latent power: the ability to foresee the future. With war looming and dark forces gathering, she must confront her destiny and make a choice that will shape the fate of her world. Betrayal lurks around every corner, and enemies close in, forcing Genevieve to embrace her true heritage to reclaim her place as the heir to the dark throne.

In a breathtaking tale of magic and redemption, Genevieve Autumn embarks on a journey that will test her courage and challenge her beliefs. With her newfound abilities, she must navigate a dangerous landscape where survival depends on uncovering the truth of her lineage and embracing the power within her.

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