Awakening Storm by Larissa Emerald (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Awakening Storm (The Divine Tree Guardians #3) by Larissa Emerald – Free eBooks Download


Time is running out for Rhianna Mori to give her beloved 96 year old great-grandfather what he wants most before he dies—the answer to what happened to his father. So when the Pilate instructor is chosen for the reality show If You Dare, she embarks on an adventure that’s been a lifelong dream… to visit Japan, the land of her ancestors, and maybe, if she’s lucky, be able to learn more about what happened to her lost grandfather.

From the moment she’s dropped off on an uninhabited island located in the Dragon Vortex, a place where people disappear never to be heard from again, strange things occur. She quickly discovers the island isn’t as deserted as she’s told. And she soon encounters a tiger shifter, Divine Tree Guardian Aidan Hearst.

Aidan hopes the beautiful stranger on his island will pack up and leave before the sorceress of the alternate realm of Riam notices her presence and enslaves her. But the stubborn woman falls into the sorceress’s trap despite his warnings. Dealing with his conflicting emotions, Aidan enters the malign realm of Riam to save Rhianna. Getting in is easy, getting out…will be another matter altogether…if not impossible. Especially with the Age of Atonement beating on their door.

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