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Awaken (Curse of the Pirate Kings #2) by Minerva Kayden – Free eBooks Download


Apparently, I’m the granddaughter of the all-powerful Sea Witch of Nyxleia. Too bad dear old granny isn’t telling me what that means exactly, in terms of magic or powers. No, she keeps telling me to figure that crap out on my own and fulfill my destiny.
Such love.
But if that bombshell wasn’t enough, I’m now engaged to the four Pirate Kings and doing my best to keep my feelings and lust separate to learn more about them. I need to discover how they broke the Blood Oath that triggered the curse and determine if these bastards are worth the hard work and pain it’ll cost me to save their world.
Otherwise, I might just try to find my way back to Earth instead.
Although as I learn more about them, I start wondering if I want to leave at all.
But then again, no one has ever wanted to keep me forever before. Why would these pirates be any different?
Not to mention my list of enemies grows by the day. It’s not like I have time for feelings, or dreams, or to wish for the fucking impossible.
However, when the claiming finally arrives, part of me wants all four of the Pirate Kings to want me for me instead of because of a prophecy. Will that ever be true? Or just some laughable dream someone like me didn’t deserve?

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